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In 1979, Aitken married Lolicia Olivera Azucki, a daughter of O. Azucki of Zurich, Switzerland; they divorced in 1998. With his first wife, he had twin daughters and one son, and Victoria Aitken, and William Aitken respectively. In 1999, testing confirmed that Petrina Khashoggi, putative daughter of billionaire arms dealer , was Aitken's biological child, the result of an affair with Khashoggi's then-wife Soraya ( Sandra Daly). He married his second wife, , daughter of , TD, PC, in June 2003.

Aitken was born in Dublin, . His grandfather was in 1939 the first British representative to the newly independent Irish state, at a time when Anglo-Irish relations were strained but improving. Aitken's baptism took place on 16 October 1942 at , an Anglican church, at which he was named "Jonathan William Patrick Aitken". The third name, "Patrick", was included at a late stage owing to the unexpected international importance of the occasion –- one of the Irish papers reported "British envoy's grandson is a real Paddy". The , , who knew his grandparents, asked to attend the christening and his presence at the baptism was symbolic of improving Anglo-Irish relations. Also attending was Princess Juliana (later to become Queen ) as his .

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John William Maxwell Aitken was born in Montreal on the 15th of February 1910 son of Lord Beaverbrook the Canadian born press baron. Sir Max was educated at Westminster School London, Pembroke College Cambridge then joined the Royal Auxiliary Air Force. During WW2 he served as a pilot on a Bristol Blenheim then Hawker Hurricane becoming a CO in 1940. He then served in the Middle East becoming Wing Leader of the Banff Strike Wing where he reached the rank of Group Captain achieving 14 and one shared aircraft shot down. At the end of the war he joined the family newspaper business becoming a director of the Express Group and eventually Chairman of Beaverbrook Newspapers Ltd.

Sir Max witnessed one of the early Miami Nassau powerboat races, then participated in the following year with his wife Lady Violet, it was the experience of this new “sport” that led to his announcement at the 1961 Earls Court Boat Show of a similar ocean race to be staged in the south of England in August that year.

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Will Aitken: Will Aitken is a novelist, journalist, screenwriter, multimedia director and teacher born in Terre Haute, Indiana and now based in Montreal. His novels include "Realia, A Visit Home" and "Terre Haute." He has written for "The Paris Review" and a variety of other publications and worked as a writer-broadcaster for the CBC, the BBC and NPR.