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The Target (Will Robie Series)


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It’s the fourth instalment in my Will Robie series. He’s a government assassin who inadvertently kills an innocent person while on an assignment overseas, and as a result loses his nerve, so he’s damaged goods. At the same time, he’s learned that his father back home in Mississippi has been arrested for murder. Will comes to realise that if he’s ever to do his job again he has to clean up his past. The past has become an emotional roadblock for him. He heads back to Mississippi to confront the past so he can move forward with his life.

The second book in the Will Robie series introduced his fellow assassin Jessica Reel. The third novel, , explored Reel’s back story, so it felt only natural to explore Robie’s past in . I like it when there’s a character arc: when you first meet Robie, he’s a killer, a government assassin who goes out and shoots people on order. I knew that at some point I was going to have to go back into the story of where this guy came from and what made him. In you see why Robie left Mississippi to become the person he became. It’s filling in that back story and the history of that character.

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Title: The Target (Will Robie Series)
Author(s): David Baldacci
ISBN: 1-4555-2118-3 / 978-1-4555-2118-0 (USA edition)
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Availability: Amazon   Amazon UK   Amazon CA   

The Innocent Will Robie Series Book 1 David Baldacci Author (2012)

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As if all that wasn’t enough, Baldacci replied to another fan who proudly posted a photo of their book collection which consisted of all novels in David’s Will Robie series. Or should I say, all the novels in the Will Robie series, so far!