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Daken is the son of Wolverine and a woman named Itsu. The two met and fell in love in the mid-1940s. Soon after, Itsu was knocked up by Logan, and a few months later was about ready to give birth to Daken when she was shot by the (Bucky Barnes). At this point, a cloaked figure removed the baby from Itsu’s corpse and took him away. Later it is revealed that this figure is the man known as . He wanted to get Wolverine to come out of hiding and go back to Madripoor. Logan found Itsu shot dead, and for years didn’t know who shot her or why. All of this was revealed in the Wolverine Origins series starting in issue number ten. Daken was then taken to a couple’s home where he was raised as their own until adulthood.

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Wolverine Origins #10 – current
Original Sin (one-shot)
Dark Avengers #1– current
Amazing Spider-Man #595-599

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