Welles' Mercury Wonder Show also appeared in 1945's Follow the Boys

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Experience The Magic & Wonder Show, starring Illusionist Brett A. Myers, a theatrical event for the entire family full of moments that take your breath away. All ages will enjoy grand illusions, live animals, comedy and audience participation. Relive the childlike wonder of seeing fireflies for the first time or experiencing your first snow fall. Join us for a unique, magical journey that will create memories to treasure for a lifetime. We invite you to suspend reality and dream the impossible!

Wonder Full showcases a grand total of half a million watts of light including: 30 high powered multi-coloured moving searchlights located on the waterfront Event Plaza, Skypark and ArtScience Museum Oculus; one billion foot candles of light arising from the Oculus of the ArtScience Museum into the heavens; six high powered Stella~Ray and Light~Ray Laser Systems producing over 300,000 milliwatts of laser energy capable of being seen for up to 55 kilometres outdoors; and over 250,000 energy efficient intelligent Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs).

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  • Mutual's 1936 Wonder Show was an hour-long drama anthology.
  • The Magic & Wonder Show | Bird-in-Hand, Lancaster County PA

    Even though this takes place in America, Wonder Show sometimes reads like a fantasy novel. The alternating narrators and point of view reminds me of modernist stream of consciousness novels. There is very much a dreamlike quality to Wonder Show as Portia continues her life while trying to find her father, and who she is as well. This is a novel about growing up, the search for self identity, and learning to accept others for who they really are. I would recommend this for anyone who is looking for a different, darker, but thoughtful read.

    Premiering on October 14, with the Fall Season of CBS' offerings for 1938, The Wonder Show, starring Jack Haley aired in the familiar mold of the more popular variety programs of the era. Haley was aided by his wise-cracking, redheaded hostess, Lucille Ball, sultry torch songstress, Virginia Verrill, voice-master and impressionist Artie Auerbach, popular band leader Ted Fio-Rito, and soon-to-be Radio/Television legend-in-the-making, Gale Gordon as announcer and commercial spokesperson.