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Then at last year's COMDEX we found out that had bought WordPerfect for a song. I wondered why Corelneeded a wordprocessor and feared they would let it die a slow death. Well,my fears were unfounded. Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 is a major contenderand rather than bite the dust any time soon, it will be kicking dust inthe face of competition. Below I will briefly mention some of the featuresthat will keep old time WordPerfect users loyal while winning new enthusiasts.

I should mention first that the CD-ROM version (you do have anew 10-speed don't you?) installs like a dream on Windows 95. For abouta $90 competitive upgrade price you get WordPerfect 7, Quattro Pro 7 andPresentations 7. But that's not all. They also throw in CorelFLOW for high-impactbusiness graphics, 150 excellent fonts, 10,000 clipart images with a bookincluded (and they're good ones!) and Sidekick 95 and Dashboard 95 to helpyou organize and produce more. Oh, and let's not forget the Internet. Includedin WordPerfect Suite 7 is the AT&T WorldNet Service with Netscape Navigator2.01 and Envoy 7 to help you publish stuff on the Internet. Sound too goodto be true? Well, maybe so, but sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction.

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  • Uncover time-saving techniques for using the different WordPerfect Suite 7 programs together to handle everyday office tasks
  • Discover shortcuts to create dynamic-looking letters, reports, and other documents in WordPerfect 7
  • Find out how to use Quattro Pro 7 to handle all your accounting and spreadsheet tasks -- fast and easy!
  • Start exploring the Internet and the World Wide Web with Netscape Navigator
  • Create awesome presentations and slide shows with Presentations 7
  • Add graphics, charts, clip art and other design touches to your documents
  • Work with Windows 95 programs -- opening and printing documents and protecting yourself from computer crashes and other disasters
  • Get a guided tour of WordPerfect 7, Envoy 7, Sidekick 95, Dashboard 95, Address Book 7, CorelFLOW 3, and all the other programs in WordPerfect Suite 7

WordPerfect Office is an office suite developed by Corel Corporation

Without reservation I recommend Corel WordPerfect Suite 7. Ata much higher price it would be a deal. At less than $90 for a competitiveupgrade it is a steal.

WordPerfect for Windows 6.1 was included in Novell PerfectOffice 3.0, Corel WordPerfect Suite for Windows 3.1x, and Corel Professional Office for Windows 3.1x. A slightly updated version (renumbered as WordPerfect 7) was included in Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 3.1x, as .