I really enjoyed Words of Silk by Sandra Brown

Words of Silk


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The one that I would reread is Words of Silk by Sandra Brown. I love how Laney and Deke met. I love Deke’s confidence of his and Laney’s love. I did find Laney’s indecisiveness boring at time but she had an emotionally uptight mother and childhood. So, you can tolerate her.

Laney McLeod's life changes the minute she finds herself stuck in a high-rise elevator in Manhattan. Fighting her rising panic, she relies on a handsome stranger to help overcome her claustrophobia. The man, Deke Sargent, is just as attracted to this beautiful and vulnerable woman as she is to him.

When the power comes back on, Deke and Laney find themselves in a passionate embrace that soon leads to a night of love in his apartment. Shocked at her own brazenness, Laney disappears the next morning. Months later, she receives an even greater shock: Deke shows up with an astounding announcement.

Unable to forget the chemistry between them, but afraid that she's just another notch on this wealthy playboy's bedpost, Laney is about to discover that her resistance to Deke hides an even deeper fear.

In Words of Silk Sandra Brown displays her uncanny grasp of the struggle between doubt and desire, caution and hope -- the quiet battle that rages deep within the human heart.

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