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With principal photography done and post production underway, George Lucas was unhappy with the first cut of the film and eventually hired new editors. Not wanting it to influence the new editing team, Star Wars editor Richard Chew recalls that he was not allowed to look at the original cut of Star Wars. “The only guide that George could give me was this black and white dupe of World War II dogfight news footage.” Even sound designer Ben Burtt worked off of the war film, according to an interview in The Making of Star Wars. “At the time, very few optical shots were completed from the end battle, but they had a work print based on old World War II movies. So I cut the spaceship sounds and lasers to that. We had Spitfires going by that sounded like spaceships; we had lasers being fired from Messerschmitts. It was relatively insane.”

Before Star Wars became a blockbuster film, it was just an idea of filmmaker George Lucas. To bring his story to life, Lucas enlisted skilled artists and filmmakers who could translate his vision into reality. When it came time to convey his vision for space battles, Lucas looked to the past. War films and World War II dogfight footage served as some unlikely inspiration for exciting space battles unlike anything audiences had ever seen before!

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