6. Wrap Your Arms Around Me -- Gareth Dunlop

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Wrap Your Arms Around Me - iTunes

You and I
Gonna wrap our loving arms
All around the world
Gonna capture all the love in the universe
Gonna make it shine
And wrap our arms around the world

Wrap my arms around the world
That's what I would have to do
Wrap my arms around the world
To show the love I've found in You
I would have to wrap my arms around the world

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Wrap Your Arms Around Me appears on the album Gordon

The Prequel to' Wrap your arms Around me' by Soho Electric. Dancing to the track 'Pure' 6 glamour models Chloe, Justine, Robyn, Tia, Frankie and Jo dance topless in various rooms around the EspadaRolls house. Always ready with a smile and laugh this is what a sexy saucy shoot is all about.
At the end Glamour Models Jo and Frankie get ready to perform to 'Wrap your Arms around me' by 'Soho Electric'. Part of the EspadaRolls music video sessions for the 'Tacky not very professional original music videos,' a set of 15 DVDs of over 150 saucy music videos performed to original music by various Northern and Southern bands. More at his web site . This music video was conceived, produced, filmed & edited by BB Bango. He tries to put the fun back into 'saucy' art and videos & on some videos combines this original footage with old 'Public Domain' archive footage.

Wrap your arms around me
Let your love surround me
Make love to me now like never before.
Wrap your arms around me
From the day you found me
You'll never be alone.