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The world of professional wrestling is full of the most interesting characters that have ever existed. A slew of out there personalities exits within the ring and are just as interesting outside of it. Over the years, a great number of wrestler written autobiographies have hit store shelves. These books delve into the hectic lives of wrestling legends and the types of superstars you may have never even cared about before. We’ve read through most of ’em, which is why we’re going to list the 15 of the top wrestler autobiographies you need to buy.

Professional wrestlers are always storytelling in the ring, so why wouldn’t it translate well into a book? While not all wrestling autobiographies are riveting, articulate or all that revealing, there are several wrestlers who were able to intrigue us and let us dive into the interesting life they have led.

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What separates the good from the great in wrestler autobiographies is usually one simple factor; did they write the book themselves, or was it ghost-written? Even without looking on the cover, reading a page or two will usually give it away. If you love pro wrestling and are looking for a good read, here are the 10 wrestler autobiographies worth checking out.

I must say, I appreciate all the views and feedback on my listing of the five best and worst wrestling biographies. The biggest flack I have been receiving seems to be that I left out some excellent books simply because they were ghostwritten. I tend to put an added emphasis on wrestlers who actually put pen to paper and transcribed their own life stories, and that was reflected in my top five list.