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Advanced Finite Element Technologies (CISM International Centre for Mechanical Sciences)

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Adolf Wriggers erlernte zunächst das Malerhandwerk

CHHS students were in attendance to discuss their research projects. Professional scientists Willy Wriggers and Fran Allen were in attendance to share with students and teachers their professional experiences. And, Croton’s very own Scientist on Stilts, Adam Auslander, was there to make everyone smile.

T. A. Laursen: Emerging spatial and temporal discretization methods in contact and impact mechanics. - G. Zavarise, M. Paggi: Reliability of micromechanical contact models: a still open issue. - M. Brinkmeier, U. Nackenhorst, M. Ziefle: Modern approaches on rolling contact. - P. Wriggers, J. Nettingsmeier: Homogenization and multi-scale approaches for contact problems. - P. Alart: Contact on multiprocessor environment: from multicontact problems to multi-scale approaches. - J. L. Perez Aparicio, R. B. Pareja: Numerical soil mechanics experiments using discontinuous deformation analysis

Von 1956 bis 1968 erblindete Adolf Wriggers langsam.

Nonlinear Finite Element Methods
Peter Wriggers
No preview available - 2010

Adolf Wriggers starb am 30.11.1984 in Hamburg.

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Wriggers was awesome! So nice and understanding. Very lenient late policy. He wants to pass you so if you put effort in, he will really like you. MatLab is tough to learn without computers and for 3 hours straight, so it was hard to pay attention, but he is too nice and he loves student input. He's a normal guy who loves teaching.