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Just like any other professional development session that I have facilitated/co-facilitated, some parts “clicked,” while others I would modify if it had to be done again. Either way, I do feel that the teachers appreciated the “less is more” approach to the day, and it was exciting to see that some of them are already asking for resources to assist in facilitating the Writing Workshop model that integrates with Writing Pathways.

What does your school or district “do” for writing instruction? What are your experiences with Writing Pathways and/or Writing Workshop? What kind of writing instruction have you seen “work” for students?

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  • Coaches and administrators who are supporting implementation of Lucy Calkins' Units of Study will find Writing Pathways to be an ideal resource to guide their work.
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    Here is a brief outline of what took place. (Although this outline applies to a session on Writing Pathways, you will find several that can be applied to the learning of any topic. You can also read more about the non-negotiables .):

    Our current writing instruction is all over the place- teachers using what ever they have and some not even teaching writing at all….
    Our goal is to get everyone using common rubrics, checklists and anchor papers to discuss student writing.
    So, I am about to put the Writing Pathways into use K-5. I read your plans for the PD. Any tips and/or reflections for me?
    Thanks in advance,