Writing to Deadline by Donald Murray

Writing to Deadline: The Journalist at Work


Book Review: Writing to Deadline • Articulate

[…] exposed Richard Nixon. And it is hard to imagine that Donald Murray (guru of mine and author of Writing to Deadline) would have got a Pulitzer if his editors had only looked at quantity not […]

[…] press releases or soundbites. Donald Murray explains what a good story is and how to get it in Writing to Deadline (also available as a ten-minute […]

Writing to Deadline is my writer’s bible

  • Press release Frankenquotes (and how to avoid them) - 15 July 2016

    […] be afraid of reported speech instead of quotations. Look at how journalists use quotes. The book Writing to Deadline is good on […]

  • Writing to Deadline in ten minutes • Articulate

    […] Journalists (see my review of Writing to Deadline) tend to use an inverted pyramid, putting the conclusion at the top and the details afterwards. Minto wants us to put the problem first and the build a case for the proposed solution afterwards. It is, I suppose, the difference between writing to inform and writing to persuade. […]

    I originally read Writing to Deadline in an afternoon and re-read it every six months or so and I often find myself reaching for it (or the summary notes I made once) when I’m stuck on a writing problem. Of all the writers books I have, this is the one I find most useful. Apart from anything else, it teaches me some humility. Even after five years, I realise I still have a lot to learn.