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Terry and the Pirates: The George Wunder Years Volume Three


Side With Us Records: The Wunder Years

Its not often that you run into a band that combines incredible, intelligent, and poetic songwriting with powerful yet sensitive rock rythyms. The Wunder Years puts faith back in the english language's ability to eloquently express emotions. Although the Wunder Years may no longer be a band, I will look for songwriter Brian Moss in 'The Ghost'.

*I guess they sound like 88 Fingers Louie (vocals) and Horace Pinker (sound,style,whatever)

*Well... Buy the spring sucks comp if you want to hear them. ($1) You have a dollar

The Wunder Years have unfortunetly broken up but their music lives on! This is their first and only full length album although they also released a split EP with Sorry About the Fire, and a solo EP entitled 'Function Over Fashion'. This is great punk rock/indie rock music comparable to Hot Water Music and American Steel. They definitely give their own twist to this/these genres. Most tracks here are very energetic and are a good mid-tempo, some a little slower, some faster. Great guitar work here that is original and catchy. Raw, heart-felt vocals that move between sweet, harmonious singing and emotional bloody screams, in a good way, like Matt Skiba from the Alkaline Trio. A good mix of sounds kinda like Berkeley punk mixed with Chicago rock n' roll. If you at all like the Lawrence Arms, definitly check these guys out. This is good shit! P.S. members of the Wunder Years are now in a band called 'The Ghost".

THE WUNDER YEARS broke up in 2001

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god bless the wunder years. i love this cd and it still gets constant play. in the vein of rock and roll/emo/melodic punk and this cd is just a gem. it's got perfect production so it doesn't get tired at all. i am so glad i picked this up before it went out of stock.

I just recently found out about the Wunder Years from the "Living Tomorrow Today" Benefit compilation CD from Asianman records (everyone should buy this comp. because ALL the procedes go to help a young boy with "Lorenzo's Oil" disease, plus it is a REALLY GOOD cd, see everyone wins!). So back to this WY album, which is very good in itself. The only draw back here is that there are only 6 songs on this cd, but what it lacks in quantity it definitely makes up for in Quality. Not a bad song on the whole thing. In a side note the singer sounds kinda like Dennis Buckley of 88 Fingers Louie/The Story So Far. These guys could be called "punk" "indie" whatever, it's just damn good rock. Track listings: 1)the wright wrong, 2)laughing at a wound, 3)i know some heroes, 4)Business casual, 5)the chills, 6)crush fatal