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On September 13, 2010, WWE updated their list of banned substances to include muscle relaxers.

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On September 13, 2010, WWE updated their list of banned substances to include .

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In March 2002, WWE decided to create two separate rosters, each appearing on one of their main programs, and , due to the overabundance of talent left over from the . This was dubbed as the "". Despite much of the originally drafted talent departing by 2004, WWE continued to separate the shows, taking on younger talent, and holding a every year. On May 26, 2006, WWE announced the relaunch of ECW as a WWE brand. The program aired until February 16, 2010.

The company's majority owner is its chairman and CEO, . Along with his wife , children and , and son-in-law Paul Levesque (known professionally as ), the holds approximately 70% of WWE's equity and 96% of the voting power. As of August 2014, due to ongoing problems with the company, Eminence Capital, a New York-based hedge fund, acquired 9.6% stake of WWE while the McMahon family retains 90.4% interest.

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On May 25, 2016, WWE announced the re-launch of the brand extension. Dubbed the "New Era", and will each feature their own unique rosters with a draft to determine rosters. will also move from Thursdays to Tuesday nights beginning July 19, and will air live instead of the previous pre-recorded format.

The name for was disputed in June 2009 when Muscle Flex Inc., a -based fitness company, had taken legal action against the WWE after a court ruled that some of WWE's trademarks related to were similar enough to the trademark that they caused confusion among . On June 18, 2008, the then issued a final decision that found certain wares listed in the trademark application from WWE (No. 1,153, 018) were confusingly similar and thus lacked distinctiveness from the Muscle Flex trademark, which Muscle Flex is in the process of acquiring. The WWE appealed the CIPO's ruling to the , but failed to file the required documents by the deadline.