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Xavid El Fakir

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– Zion David [Instagram: xavid_iv ] – International Relations

On August 25, 2016, South Carolina Daily Times obtained reports from the York County Sheriff's Office that Xavid Alexis Rivera had been charged. The official report indicates that Rivera was taken into custody following the encounter and charged on multiple counts.

Local law enforcement officials in York County, South Carolina have arrested Xavid Alexis Rivera, according to public records analyzed by South Carolina Daily Times.

– Zion David [Instagram: xavid_iv ] – International Relations

  • – Zion David [Instagram: xavid_iv ] – International Relations

    O-umajirushi,” a 205-page anthology of Japanese heraldry that was published in the 17th century, isn’t yet available in English. Xavid Pretzer, a software engineer with a passion for Japanese art and culture, is working to change that. Relying on high-resolution scans of a copy of “O-umajirushi,” Mr. Pretzer is creating an annotated translation so English-language readers can learn about the crests, banners and other markers of samurai distinction.