"Don't be mad that I fucked ya dad."

Merry Christmas Ya Filthy Animal Baby Longsleeve Bodysuit with Free Koozie (Newborn, Red)

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I'm not sure if this is good news or bad news, so I'll just put it out there: "Punch Ya Daddy" seasoning can keep its (ridiculous) name. I wrote about the seasoning war simmering between "Slap Ya Mama" and "Punch Ya Daddy" last year. The makers of "Sla...

Ribeiro ya taba buga kwallo a kasar Australia, Albania, Italy da kuma Finland. An garzaya dad an wasan Asibiti, sai dai rai yayi halinsa a asibitin.

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I'm sure you can see the issue here - the packaging and the likelihood of confusion on the part of consumers. The similarity in font, design, packaging size and format between the two products appear to suggest that Punch Ya Daddy is made by Walker & Sons.

Kirby Falco, maker of Punch Ya Daddy, "was quoted as having come up with the name for his seasoning while roughhousing with his young son, who said, 'I'm going to punch ya, daddy.'"