Name: Yanin Vismitananda / JeeJa Yanin / JiJa Yanin

新浪娱乐讯 7日晚,韩泰合拍影片《The kick》在釜山海云台某酒店举行媒体首映,出演该片的韩国演员赵才贤、艺智苑等与Yanin Vismitananda等泰国演员一同出席。Mydaily/图

Karate Girl

Jukkalan(as Yanin Vismitananda)

Chocolate (English dub)

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Yanin Vismitananda in the movie Chocolate from 2008, gee.

The Kick


This Girl Is Badass


Name: Yanin Vismitananda / JeeJa Yanin / JiJa Yanin ..

Tony Jaa is still baby-faced and convincingly earnest at 38, but the overbearing editing and heavy use of CGI makes one wonder if he’s lost his step. The only time he truly shines is in his two showdowns with lead heavy Marrese Crump, whose slick, vicious style forces Jaa to bring his A-game. Wasted is Yanin Vismitananda, the female martial artist of Pinkaew’s 2008 Muay Thai film, Chocolate, who barely registers as a combatant, let alone a character. RZA is also on hand as the lead terrorist and somehow makes a more convincing martial artist than he does an actor. That the entire film is essentially a tired retread of the first installment only makes it harder to sit through. Do yourself a favor and stick with the original.

Yanin Vismitananda, a.k.a. “Jeeja” Yanin, spent training for her role in Thailand’s latest martial arts showcase. A Taekwondo expert in real-life, Jeeja plays an autistic Thai boxer in Chocolate.

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    Oh man! this movie was amazing.. and this girl, Zen!
    Oh my gosh.. she can kick butt! Im a big Tony Jaa fan!
    Now I just became a big fan of Yanin Vismitananda 😀
    she rocks! Cant wait to see her next movie! Which i know
    it will be really soon! She’s already a star and that i know!

    Born Nicharee Vismitananda, she grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, as the second child and only daughter of Pawadol Borirak and Prasita Vismitananda. In 2012, she married fellow actor Andrian Robert Bowden; the couple welcomed a son named Jayden Bowden Vismitananda in early 2013. Movie actress Yanin Vismitananda born on 31 03 1984 in . Until now, Yanin Vismitananda's age is 32 year old and have Aries constellation. Count down 4 days will come next birthday of Yanin Vismitananda !