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Yasmina Khadra rencontre les Genevois

Yasmina Khadra is the nom de plume of the Algerian army officer Mohammed Moulessehoul, who is the author of four other books published in English: Double Blanc, Morituri, In the Name of God and Wolf Dreams. He took the feminine pseudonym to avoid submitting his manuscripts for approval by military censors while he was still in the army. He lives in France. (From the publisher.)

Algerian-French writer Yasmina Khadra, the pseudonym of Mohammed Moulessehoul, has a life story as dramatic as his award-winning books. Writing anonymously under his wife’s name while serving as a soldier during the Algerian Civil War, he only revealed his identity in 2001 after leaving the army and relocating to France. Khadra is the author of more than 30 books, including the award-winning What the Day Owes the Night, Cousin K, and Wolf Dreams, and has been translated in more than 40 countries. His novel Swallows of Kabul was adapted for the stage and recently performed in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Nanjing, and Shenzhen. Brought to you by the Embassy of France in China and the French Institute – Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Yasmina Khadra à la rencontre des Genevois

Yasmina Khadra au Salon du Livre 2009

YASMINA KHADRA is the pseudonym of the Algerian author Mohammed Moulessehoul, who was born in 1956. A high ranking officer in the Algerian army, he went into exile in France in 2000, where he now lives in seclusion. In his several writings on the civil wa

Based on a novel by Yasmina Khadra, the film took Doueiri six years to bring to the screen, much of it spent trying to adapt the novel with collaborator Joelle Touma, his wife, and an almost equal period trying to find the money to film in Israel and Palestinian territories.