1. The Year of Secret Assignments by Jaclyn Moriarty

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Presentation is where Moriarty really shines. The letters are such an original and fun way to tell this story. There's so much energy in the story and the characters. She captures the indignities that come with being underaged as well as all the potential for mischief. There is a lot of humor in this book but like the relationship between Emily, Lydia, and Cassie, it is based on heart. You don't need to read Feeling Sorry for Celia to read this book, although Celia is worth a read. The Year of Secret Assignments, though, is a perfectly executed triple-triple combination.

Told in letters, e-mails, memos, Lydia's writing notebook and Cassie's diary, THE YEAR OF SECRET ASSIGNMENTS unfolds in the students' distinctive voices. There's Emily, who misuses words to great comic effect; Lyd, the daredevil and aspiring author; and Cassie, whose letters reveal her ongoing efforts to recover from her father's recent death. Their letters tell the same story from different perspectives; the questions raised by one friend's letters are answered in another's. The boys' characters are also well developed, as they gradually overcome their own prejudices about private-school girls and romances develop.

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The Year of Secret Assignments is an excellent read. It is very entertaining and it takes turns the reader wouldn¿t expect. This book is about three girls at an all girls school who have to write to guy pen-pals at an all guys rival school. Though at first none of the six warm up to the idea of pen pals, soon the guys need help. The girls perform ¿secret assignments¿, secretly playing pranks to get the guys out of tests, class and all sorts of things. But when things turn out to be not what they seem, the guys get the chance to return the favor, and the six go on their wildest adventure yet. Full of laughs, and some mild romance, this is a book for a rainy afternoon. The characters are very well established, and the reader feels like he/she really gets inside the characters¿ head. I would recommend this to people who like a little bit of adventure, romance, and mostly realistic fiction.

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Jaclyn Moriarty also has quite a way with families which I imagine must be from some personal experience, and in The Year of Secret Assignments, it's Em's Dad (remember those crazy reminders that he left for her in the fruit bowl before their lawyer conferences!? I know you do! :) And also Em's little brother, who molded chocolate into things like aeroplanes.