Ne Yo - Year Of The Gentleman [2008][320Kbps][CD+2Vid+Cov].

Year Of The Gentleman


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Ne-Yo named his album “Year of the Gentleman” as a play on the old Rat Pack style; he continues that style in the album artwork and videos. Usually, what an artist wears has little to do with the music, but for Ne-Yo, it’s all apart of a sleek, stylish package that actually seeps into the music. If his dapper duds don’t impress, his sexy songs surely will make any girl melt.

So what I decided to do was create a 10 step guide titled, “Year of the Gentleman.” So what in the world is it? Year of the Gentleman is a way of life.

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    I hope this helped someone out there. I want to hear your thoughts about how we can bring chivalry back and my proposed “year of the gentleman.” Let me know in the comments below, or @ccoleman_

    Man muss Ne-Yo jedoch zugute halten, dass er stimmlich, wird es balladenhaft - und Balladen haben im "Year Of The Gentleman" Hochkonjunktur - deutlich mehr zu bieten hat. Schade nur, dass sich dieser überaus ordentliche, gefühlvolle Sänger an keiner Stelle aus dem Fensterrahmen der von gängigen Standards vorgegebenen Üblichkeiten lehnt.