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That's true for cold feet too. Maybe even for ugly shoes. And it's easy to fall off the right path if you are full of anger. So we have these wonderful soft slippers for you – perfect for every Jedi who sets value on comfort at home. Or maybe even outside. C'mon be brave! The Yoda Plush Slippers deserve to be shown to the world!

Yoda's slippers give not only warm feet but also prevent slipping, thanks to the rubber nubs on the sole. But the best thing is that they put everybody in a good mood :). No Dark Side here!

Please note, no Yodas were harmed in the making of these slippers :).

You should never skimp on good shoes! Feet are the mirror of the body, so don't get lost on the path to the Dark Side.

The Yoda Plush Slippers are available in size EU 34 to 38,5.

Remember you should, that too soon to practice your Jedi Knight skills it never is!

Buy or buy not, there is no browse, when it comes to this Deluxe Talking Yoda Plush with Moving Mouth. Just push his hand and he will talk, saying six phrases.

Yoda Plush - Star Wars - Small - 9'' | Disney Store

Santa Yoda Super Plush
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I want a stuffed Yoda! Zooming through the galaxy of playtime just became even more exciting with this Star Wars plush toy. Created with attention to detail, little Jedi apprentices can play pretend with this sweetly smiling Yoda plush toy.18'' HPolyesterSpot cleanImported

The Star Wars - 15'' Jedi Master Yoda Talking Plush product description is spot on. It is very good, comes in a good box if you want to keep it in, is very big and the talk mode is good.