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Trust Your Vibes: Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living


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The best way I know how to begin this partnership is to get a small pocket notebook that you can carry with you at all times. Every time you get a hunch, gut feeling, “Aha!” moment, hit, sense, vibe, or any other input from your sixth sense, jot it down in your notebook. Don’t let your ego censor, judge, discriminate, or in any way edit the information or feelings you receive. Don’t worry if your vibes feel silly, irrelevant, irrational, or stupid; or if you think that what you feel is nothing more than your imagination. Write it all down anyway. Your mind will see that every vibe you have makes sense in one way or another over time.

You won’t have to trust me; you’ll have the evidence. As I tell my students, if you record your vibes faithfully for three weeks, all your doubts will start to shrink and give way to growing confidence because you will have collected solid evidence that your sixth sense is worth trusting.

Trust Your Vibes by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D

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    Although these are several suggested ways to use the deck, I believe the best way is to see it as a set of 52 creative tools to connect you with higher awareness in all situations and to trust your own vibes in how to use them. They are not fixed rules, but creative invitations in how to best activate and engage your spirit and your sixth sense in creating the best possible outcome in all situations and circumstances in your life. They are designed to help you approach your life like a sixth-sensory person, as an artist following spiritual law.

    Each time you choose to listen to your inner voice, your "vibes," you strengthen your commitment to live an authentic, self-directed, and personally empowered life. Trusting your vibes relieves you of the stress of figuring things out. It saves you the wear and tear of worry, helps you begin a life of ease and flow, and opens the way to live as a Divine Child of the Universe. Yet trusting your vibes is not something we have been generally encouraged to do, so consequently, we need psychic reinforcement to help us trust our vibes.
    Just as taking vitamins strengthens and empowers your body, the daily reminders in this book by vibrational healer and revolutionary psychic Sonia Choquette serve as psychic vitamins to support your ability to trust your vibes. As you read, you'll give your soul a dose of self-love and self-acceptance that will help you access your Higher Self and tune in to your vibes.