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Yuri Lowenthal: And I love Captain America.

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Yuri Lowenthal: I’m excited, so yeah.

Yuri Lowenthal: Actually being in the room, it was great to be in the room watching Chris and Tara work together because they’re lovers who go off on this – it’s basically The Getaway, the movie The Getaway in the world of Ben 10. It was this whole Stockholm Syndrome thing. It was awesome.

Yuri Lowenthal: I’ve had favorite episodes here and there. It was really fun because I also got to work with Daryl [Sabara, the voice of Rex in the show and also most recently Edgar Rice Burroughs in the movie, John Carter] and Daryl’s a hoot man. I love Daryl. And then getting to see it because the style is a different – it’s sort of Ben in the Generator Rex world. And so it was drawn differently and there was a whole different energy to it. It was kind of awesome.

Yuri Lowenthal: And it gives you vertigo.

Yuri Lowenthal
Age: 44
Known For: Ben Tennyson (2008-present)

Yuri Lowenthal: But I think that comes with giant TV’s.

Yuri Lowenthal: I remember when I met Chow Yun Fat when I was younger. And he said something that’s very inspirational to me. And it was just a moment, and I’m sure he forgot it five minutes later. But for me that was a big deal and I remember it twenty years later. And to be in a position to do that is important and it’s one of my favorite parts about my job.

Yuri Lowenthal (born March 5, 1971) is an American actor and voice actor known chiefly for his work in television and film animation. Lowenthal has a production company Monkey Kingdom Productions with his wife, Tara Platt. He voiced in the 3D remake of .