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I Am the Traitor (Unknown Assassin)


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With every spy-thriller comes a world of gadgets making the contemporary setting that much more appealing. Explosions and firefights are cool but the scariest (and most interesting) tools are those ordinary things within arm’s reach. Zadoff remains truthful to the genre by not burdening the read with unrealistic knick knacks. Instead, he The finesse in how these techs enable Boy Nobody to communicate with the secret organisation is among the best aspect in this series.

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Zadoff–Chu sequences are CAZAC sequences ().

Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not being the type of person to sit down and read a book for fun and enjoyment I was suggested to read the book Boy Nobody  by Allen Zadoff. Catching my attention with his descriptions of a young teenage boy who has to face several dilemmas. Starting the book off with a normal acting teenager Zadoff slowly got my attention then the twist came in when the first difficult situation appears. Does the main character choose life or death?! Choosing life he has to work with the Program, people in the program killed his parents, or ending his journey on the earth. Working for the Program his profile changes on every mission he goes on. After brutally killing  his "best friends" dad he is sent to New York  to his next mission; kill the mayor of New York . Falling in love interrupts the assignment  that he was assigned. The end of the book has a great twist that I did not see coming! Enjoy the book! I encourage readers that struggle with getting into a book to pick this is not one up and give it it a chance! 

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