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I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead


Opening Introduction: (narrated by Zak Bagans)

But back to the present, while dumping his demonic Las Vegas Haunted house, Zak Bagans also has another major change in his Ghost Adventures life, with co-ghost and haunting investigator, Nick Groff, leaving the show, reports .

But judging by the message Groff left on his page announcing his departure from Ghost Adventures, he is leaving on good terms, or at least much better than the demon-haunting responsible for Zak Bagans’ hightailing it out of his demonic, haunted Las Vegas house.

Zak Bagans looks so good in glasses

Zak Bagans (Zak_Bagans) on Twitter

Bagans found the human skull while investigating an old mining town hotel at the end of Summer, 2011. The Ghost Adventures star apparently thought the skull was really cool because Zak built a display for the former thinking head in his Las Vegas basement. That turned out to be a poor decision, according to Zak Bagans, because several instances of paranormal activity quickly followed, with the angry, demonic presence invading the house and letting Bagans know it was there and not pleased.

Zak Bagans, lead ghost hunter of the spirit-searching “” show, is hoping to snag someone on the earthly plane: a buyer for in , now priced at $2,499,000.