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The Best Of by Zara-Thustra (2016-08-03)

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Zarathushtra Spitama = The Golden Camel of The White

Zarathustra’s is patterned after the secret chamber of the heart, which is the place where the threefold flame burns on the altar of being. Zarathustra has said that we may be welcomed in his retreat when we have the necessary development of the heart.

He is the greatest ‘firetender’ of them all, if you will. And when you call to him, remember that when you are engaged in the battle of Light and Darkness and you give your call for the binding of the forces of Antichrist, there is no greater devourer of the dark forces than Zarathustra himself.

Quote from "Thus Spake Zarathustra"

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Nietzsche¿s finest work, a mid-point between his break with Schopenhauer and his break with sanity. The book relates the adventures of Zarathustra, who descends from his lonely mountain wilderness in search of the ¿higher man¿. The result in a tour de force philosophical blitzkrieg on all philosophical sentiments. This book will make you question, will make you think, will inspire you, but above all, it is a book that, when finished, will make you say, ¿I do not believe in Nietzsche¿ as you begin to think for yourself. Exactly what Nietzsche intended. ¿And to ask this once more- today, is greatness possible?¿ -Nietzsche

Zarathustra's followers were later called Zoroastrians.

Being in the presence of Zarathustra is like being in the presence of the physical sun itself. The mastery he has of spiritual fire and physical fire is, if not the highest, among the highest of any adept ascended from this planet. If you want to keep the flame of Zarathustra, visualize him keeping the flame, the divine spark, in your own heart.

Zarathustra is an ascended master whose consciousness is an auric emanation of fire that is an all-consuming love, a piercing light that goes to the core of whatever is unreal.