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Some research date Zarathrustra's birth to anywhere between 1500 B.C. and 1000 B.C., or even earlier. Most versions date him to approximately 600 BC - also the time line for Buddha. According to tradition, his birth date was 628 BC.

Zarathrustra was supposedly born into a modestly situated family of knights, the Spitama, probably at Rhages (now Rayy, a suburb of Tehran), a town in Media - which is the region covered by modern-day Iran and Iraq. The area in which he lived was not yet urban, its economy being based on animal husbandry and pastoral occupations. Nomads, who frequently raided those engaged in such occupations, were viewed by Zoroaster as aggressive violators of order, and he called them followers of the Lie.

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Zarathrustra was remember as a religious reformer and founder of Zoroastrianism, or Parsiism, as it is known in India. Like in 18th Dynasty Egypt, Zarathrustra introduced the concept of monotheism in his time line.

Zarathrustra is the same soul who played many important roles in Earth's history. He often played these roles simultaneously. Zarathrustra was many of the Pharaohs, including Akhenaten - Moses, Buddha, Jesus, among others. One souls does play all the roles, though I understand that many people think that it was different souls playing each role, in the same way many people believe in the illusion of linear time.