Colin Legum, Bill Lee, Zdenek Cervenka

The nuclear axis: Secret collaboration between West Germany and South Africa

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Zdenek Cervenka; Barbara Rogers

Fatouros, A. A., "Book Review. The Organization of African Unity and Its Charter by Zdenek Cervenka" (1971). Articles by Maurer Faculty. Paper 1831.

Vlad Rusu, Valentin Simion, Joabe, Marius Albu, Zdenek Cervenka, Santiago Vazquez – (I admit that I would have wanted at least one more new striker but that disappointment fades when I look at Vazquez’ profile. This Argentinian youngster joined on a free from Boca Juniors and I think he is by far the best player I ever had at this club. You should be familiar with the other names from last season, all I can say is that I expect a bit more especially from Simion and Joabe while Cervenka will feature mostly in the under 19s games.)

Rogers, Barbara, and Zdenek Cervenka

  • Zdenek Cervenka

Zdenek Cervenka and Barbara Rogers