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Zeitkratzer Plays Pres


zeitkratzer Plays PRES: 22 : Martin Tetreault La nuit où j'ai dit non

Adventures In Modern Music tonight cracks open thearchives of the Polish Radio Experimental Studio in Warsaw. ChrisBohn will spin selections from PRES Revisited, a newseries of releases on Bôłt Records culled from the archives of thestudio, including Bohdan Mazurek's archive release SentinelHypothesis, In Memoriam Józef Patkowski, where a discof archival recordings is answered by interpretations from UKimprovisors and Zeitkratzer Plays PRES, where ReinholdFriedl's rogue New Music ensemble transcribe sonic material fromPRES and reanimate it.

Bôłt Records has released PRES Revisited,three albums as part of an ongoing series uncovering work from thePolish Radio Experimental Studio archives. Based in Warsaw andinfluenced by the work of Pierre Schaeffer and KarlheinzStockhausen, PRES was active from 1957 and under the leadership ofJósez Patkowski engineers like Mazurek and Rudnik began using thestudio as a compositional tool. Zeitkratzer Plays PRES,In Memoriam Józef Patkowski and Bhodan Mazurek'sSentinel Hypothesis are available on

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Polish Radio Experimental Studio - Zeitkratzer plays PRES