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The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass


Zelda items wallpaper and more.

Now you HAD to know that making fun of Zelda items, albiet useless Zelda items, would ruffle some helmaroc feathers.

You completely forgot that the hammer in Zelda 2 was used to find a completely hidden town within a forest. You could go around clearing squares of trees just for fun and see what different enemies popped up in the clearing!

Finding all the Gold skulltulas was the biggest disappointment in the entire the game. After finding them all (which undoubtedbly would be when you have every item you could posssibly dream of), what do you receive as a reward? Rupees. Yep, that wallet full of rupees just got maxed to stupidness. What was there to spend extra rupees on?? Nothing. Hooray. You just scoured Hyrule to be the richest, most bored errand-boy in the world.

vouch for a number of things on this list, the first being the slingshot, you play half the game as a kid. If the logic is simply, you get something better later in the game, most Zelda items would be on this list. By that logic the bow and arrows would actually be more useless than the slingshot, as you get the hookshot before the bow and arrow and its just as capable of a long range weapon, with the added benefit of all pulling you to things.

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A Top Ten Zelda items list just wouldn’t be complete without a showing from Link’s trusty bow, but there’s just something about the idea of bomb arrows that dislodges Link’s steadfast partner from claiming this number two slot outright. Being able to shoot arrows while riding Epona in Ocarina of Time was pretty amazing thirteen years ago, but when you can ride a horse and shoot bomb arrows at the same time, there simply isn’t anything more awesome and stylish for horseback combat. Nothing beats racing toward a huge boulder at break-neck speed, nocking a bomb arrow to my bow, letting it fly and riding on through the explosion like the coolest cowgirl in the west (…or Hyrule).