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Replied on: June 26 2015 11:21:38
Message: Hi Doug! Haha :)

Your SS designs are great! Been taking a look at them. I'll surely be asking weird stuff about them too later on. :) Currently, I need to learn to take advantage o the mechanical advantage I get out of the wheels.

I'm trying to find the thread I've read about the advantage without the wheel with the SS system. I couldn't find it anymore so I could take notes. As the the drag adds to the drain I believe. But someone in youtube showed that even with load the pulse motors we are using get lesser drain from run batt vs those of an ordinary motor. Like drain is directly proportional to the kind of magnet size, balance, etc of the wheel and the speed it achieves. So as it slows down, the drain goes down as well.

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Replied on: June 26 2015 06:04:54
Message: Haha! It is ironically fun to blow things up! I just fried one of the experimental SSGs I'm working on now. Currently, I'm reading the book as much as I'm experimenting to see what does what in the circuit. I still cannot achieve the 80% charge acquired per single run battery. But I'm able to get 800-1000rpm out of a 19.5hour run time and 50% captured on the current system.

Hopefully, I could get the clearer perspective to run the 2back EMF design and get that going. I'm heading out for parts now. The only thing different in this setup of mine is that mine will be running the 1000 turn SSG coil of 20 and 24 gauge wires instead of the prescribed winding and sizes. I think I'll need to have more resistance with the coil on hand since it would produce more juice I believe. Haha! I'll be wearing my welding mask, having a bucket beside me and will be covered with thick clothing while I'm at it.

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Replied on: June 26 2015 13:53:27
Message: I'm about an hour away from the 2back EMF. Its almost 2am here and will be having dinner in a few minutes. Or at least just grab something from the kitchen. Too much time wasted away from the work bench. :)

When you say short out a coil on a spot, did you mean that I can use either of the two from the bifilar and see if one is shorter than the other to see a transformer effect occur? Theoretically this is possible. But the problem with the SSG is that it only does work and gives work while the transformer is open.

I can easily do away with the transformer and gear your way of SS by micro controller but to keep the transformer on a bit longer to produce another sin wave cycle is key maybe. Therefore, the frequency of pump is twice or more of the drain. Since the transformer induces current and voltage during the pumps. The drain just gives it enough power to live of to power the pump action. So doubling the pump or more vs the drain will give us more charge power.

And your idea of the transformer effect included will magnify the pump power as you get more pump power out of the controlled drain power.

Did I get this right?

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Replied on: June 25 2015 23:53:54
Message: Hi Kudzu! Thank you for not bashing me on reviving an old thread. I'm a newbie and the 3 year difference of posts may be far apart but I thought the relevant questions I have is best kept within thread of the original designs.

I hope I build the circuit right as I'm off to get materials later. Only 1/4 watt resistors left in the resistor inventory. :) Best if the 1w ones are used for this. hehe. Could never be too careful. :)

With regard to the neon vs incandescent bulb protection... The possible reason why neons are chosen above other drain loads is because the neons don't need a ballast to start the lighting. So you get immediate response or saving from the neons. With the incandescent, the bulbs still contain a ballast on board the bulbs. If without the ballast, I don't know if lighting is fast enough. Then there is the element inside that would act like a fuse as well. There is a possibility that the incandescent bulbs are less forgiving as the neons to sudden, continuous pulsed changes in voltage for it to light reliably each time you need it for protection. Finally, you have more glass to shatter on the incandescent vs the neons. The neons are easier to retro fit on the circuits vs the larger sized bulbs available to us.

So probably more of convenience if they do light up and don't burn out later on... :) I hope this helps.