Zgola, J. M. Care That Works, Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1999.

Doing Things: A Guide to Programing Activities for Persons with Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders

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"Jitka Zgola uses many examples of real life situations to enhance the book, and those examples are amusing and touching, adding a very personal dimension."

Zgola explains that optimal dementia care involves three elements: a good relationship between the caregiver and the person who has dementia, a safe and nurturing environment, and meaningful activities. Evident throughout the book is Zgola's gift for compassionately portraying the difficulties faced by people with dementia and then suggesting ways to act in a manner that accords such people the respect and dignity they deserve. Topics that receive special attention include communicating with persons who have language deficits and coping with problem behaviors—two critical problems in dementia care.

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    "Jitka Zgola balances hard knowledge, outstanding research, and years of experience with writing that reflects great warmth and understanding. I find it impossible to read her books without a highlighter in hand."

    "Zgola outlines a tolerant and imaginative approach which deserves a wide readership. Her tea group for severely demented residents has elements of genius."