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Das Comic-Buch “Zombie Dawn: Safehouse” erzählt die Vorgeschichte zum Film “Zombie Dawn” und wird in einer zweisprachigen Version (Spanisch/Englisch) auf den Markt kommen. Cover Art wird beigesteuert von Patrick McEvoy (Marvel Style Guide, Fall Of Cthulhu) und Lee Moder (Red Sonja, Highlander).

Zombie Dawn is a puzzle/strategy game released on 23rd April 2008. Players take the role of a Zombie Overlord, who commands zombies to go around and assimilate humans, turning them into zombies as well. It has sequel which is .

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Zombie Dawn movie trailer - starring Cristian Ramos, Guillermo Alfaro, Pablo Tournelle, Pamela Rojas, Felipe Lobos, Christopher Offermann. Directed by Lucio A. Rojas. Genre: Horror Rating: R

The plot Zombie Dawn unfolds 15 years after a catastrophic accident in a mine shaft caused an unknown contagion to start turning people into zombies. Now, in a decimated world, a courageous group of army officers and scientists venture into the restricted zone determined to ascertain the exact cause of the devastating disease. The mission involves danger from zombies and conflicts between the men and women in the research expedition.