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Zombie Kid Diaries Volume 1: Playing Dead


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With so many electronic distractions surrounding kids these days, finding books that they want to read is always a challenge. Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead seems like a great book to get them excited about reading. The story is fun, and one kids can relate too – zombification and all.

Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead seems to have a winning formula for the young teen market. Though it has definitely been done before, it works, and applying the same formula to the zombie craze that is so popular right now is a clever idea. I found the story to be amusing and engaging. I thought the illustrations were a lot of fun, and really added a lot to the story. Of course, I’m not exactly the target market for this sort of graphic novel, so I asked my thirteen year old son to take a look at it and give me his thoughts.

Zombie Kid Diaries -Fred Perry/David Hutchison - 3 Books

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  • Zombie Kid Diaries #2 - Grossery Games (Issue)

    Zombie Kid Diaries: Playing Dead is a new young adult book by Fred Perry, presented in a style reminiscent of the popular Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. While it is listed under the graphic novel category, it is really more of a novel with a lot of extra illustrations thrown in. Still, the story is one that should appeal to those who enjoy a good graphic novel, and the illustrations are quirky and fun.

    And "," a book series spoof on the popular "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" books and movies. A lawsuit followed due to the similarities and the spoof series has been retooled into "Zombie Kid Diaries."