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This is the first episode of my new show ZOMBIES SHOWDOWN!
Zombies Showdown is a game show about everything Call of Duty Zombies. This is a Jeopardy like COD Zombies trivia game.
The rules are simple: Each player alternates answering a question from one of five categories. If the choosing player gets the question wrong the opponent can chose to steal the points if they know the answer. At the end there will be a final question where each player can choose how many points to wager. The player with the highest amount of points at the end wins.
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In Zombie Showdown you must battle against the unstoppable horde of the undead!>>TIME TO KILL SOME ZOMBIESFeatures
★ Swipe, tap or drag to move around the screen with controls made for mobile★ No need to aim! Innovative AI will allow you to shoot at the most relevant enemy so you can
watch the carnage unfold!★ Extreme amounts of blood, gore and doughnuts★ Devastating powerups that can turn the tide of battle into your favour★ Several balanced upgradable weaponsAccept the challenge and survive the showdown!p.s : This is our first mobile game so please give us feedback to make the game even better!

Zombie Showdown is a fun game brought to you by KBH Games

How long can you survive? In Zombie Showdown you must battle against the unstoppable horde of the undead!

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