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Over the summer Rhys set about writing episode 2 in the Kicking Pigeons saga, this was Jurassic Farm. Months went passed before the script was finished and Kicking Pigeons met once more but this time without James. James decided that he was unable to return for any future episodes which meant they needed to find a replacement. This is where Peter Hutchings enters the picture. Pete was coincidently a Steward for the first two performances of Zombie Titanic. With a natural instinct for humour, a range of characters and voices and also the willingness to work for free Pete was an ideal replacement. As time went on the opportunity arose to perform an entire series of Kicking Pigeons episodes at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama Student union. Three Friday’s in a row, two episodes a night. Rhys set about shaping some episode ideas he had and finishing off the rest of the series. Then sadly Dafydd Llyr Thomas left the group. By this point Dafydd had become a graduate from the Royal Welsh College and a fantastic young actor. He had just finished a Welsh series called ‘Zanzibar’ and was getting offered more paid work. However they found another brilliant Royal Welsh graduate to step into his shoes called James Peake. James was with Pigeons for about a week before he was offered a national tour and had to take it which put the, back to square one. Asking around the universities radio lecturers, Mary Traynor recommended a 2nd year student called Alex Tilsley. Alex was away at the time but was very keen to be part of the group and so conducted his audition by telephone. He proved he had the ability to do a number of different accents and adapt into different characters easily and so was cast on the spot.

The group were ready and the premier of Zombie Titanic was on the horizon. It was to be performed at the back of the Cardiff Arts Institute, a small but cosy venue near Cardiff Museum. They decided to play two shows due to demand for tickets and limited space, the first starting at 6:30pm and then later at 8:00pm. Rhys and Lyndon appeared on the Arts show on BBC Radio Wales to promote the show, posters were put up around Cardiff and the Pigeons were ready to take flight. They hired two students from the university to help with SFX, Russell Blake would perform all the live effects where Chris Jackson would be working the computer effects. Overall the first show went very well. A good response from all who came to watch.

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When he returned kicking pigeons got straight into rehearsal mode, not just rehearing one play but now rehearsing six. Scripts were being re written days before shows, SFX were changing constantly and everything seemed to be organised chaos. Chris and Russell were on SFX both recorded and live. James Bainbridge came on board to help with the running of the live events and manage the recordings. Tom Wentworth joined the team as an additional producer as Lyndon was busy spinning a large number of plates and Tom managed to ease some of the stress involved. He was also very good at editing scripts so was handy in a number of different areas. The first night went very well with a large crowd laughing whole heartedly at both performances. This was the third performance of Zombie Titanic and the début of Jurassic Farm so this gave everyone a confidence boost going into the other performances. Unfortunately the next night wasn’t to go as well thanks to a surprise guest. During the performance of Twilight: Mormon a Feeling, Comedian Rob Brydon walked in to get a drink. He was followed by a horde of students who just wanted to be near him and therefore created a lot of noise. This was not only distracting for the performers but it also affected the quality of audio being recorded so it did spoil the night somewhat. However people still seemed to enjoy both episodes and the the pigeons can now say they have performed comedy in front of Rob Brydon, even though he probably wasn’t aware of it.