Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes (1998)

Zone-Perfect Meals in Minutes (The Zone)


Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes (1998)

Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes by Barry Sears was recommended by my medical doctor. I refer to this book every day. It's easy to follow and the food combinations are very tasty and eye appealing. I can triple the recipe, and it makes four meals for me, a lady. I say that because the recipes are written for a man's proportion. I would recommend it in a heartbeat; which is why the doctor suggested it.

About Dr. Sears
Dr. Barry Sears has dedicated the last 30 years of his research career to studying the links between diet, hormones, and health and is dedicated to restoring a state of health which can be controlled by reducing inflammation in your body. His research had led to his best selling books Enter the Zone, Mastering the Zone, Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes, and had additionally penned The Soy Zone, Anti-Aging Zone, Omega Zone, Toxic Fat, A Week in the Zone, Zone Meals in Seconds,Top 100 Zone Foods and The Mediterranean Zone.

Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes - Zone Diet | Weight Loss & Diet Foods

Book Description:
Get into the Zone in just minutes!

Two million people are already in the Zone, enjoying peak mental alertness, increased energy and a reduced likelihood of chronic disease all while losing excess body fat. Want to get into the Zone but don't have the time? Now, in this all new collection of easy and delicious recipes, Dr. Barry Sears, the bestselling author of The Zone and Mastering the Zone shows you how to prepare more than 150 Zone Perfect recipes in minutes.

Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes also gives you the latest information on:

Zone Rules: A quick and easy reference guide to all the Zone basicsZoning Your Kids: Zone Perfect meals that they'll eat and enjoyEntertaining in the Zone: Delicious food perfect for company

If you want to think better, perform better, look better and live better, Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes will get you there and keep you there.

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Title: Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes

Title: " Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes" Published in November 1997, instantly became one of the best-selling cookbooks of 1997. The Anti-Aging Zone is another book that was published in. January 1999.