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Sewing Machine Oil ~ ZOOM-SPOUT OILER ~ 4FL. OZ.(118ml) MADE IN U.S.A.

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This is my second Zoom RT 223.. The monitor display window has gone dim! So, I ordered a second zoom machine. After all this time , (Three years) I find that your favorite patterns can be applied to the key pads meaning , Punch and play. No dialing up patterns! After learning that, I realized that ,had I stored my favorite patterns on the key pads, I probably wouldn't need the display window anyway! OH well , live and learn! I should have read the manual closer! I was storing my patterns in a group on empty storing slots, worked fine but, storing on the pads for instant recall sounds even better.. Yes you can program in waltz patterns that you create, using the keypads. This time I bought the insurance, 2 years for cheap This is a great little machine! See my other post! (Country Blues Boy!)

Hot off the assembly line, check out Zoom Ball Deluxe … an upgraded version of our very popular Zoom Ball machine, a patented ball blower that gives contestants the chance to win up to six unique insured and self-insured prizes, with just a push of a button.

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    The Zoom slot machine is a brightly coloured game from Thunderkick. Zoom was along with 30 other fantastic new slots, which you can see at . The Zoom slot has 6 reels and 64 paylines, and the reel symbols can combine together to form large squares, which helps improve your chances of creating winning combinations.