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If you happen to live close enough to a zoo or animal rehabilitation center that composts their animal manure, you may be able to purchase fertilizer by the truckload. The money these facilities raise by selling the compost goes back into helping to care for the animals. So, not only will you be doing your garden a great service but you can feel good about helping out the animals and supporting the zoo efforts.

Adam Tice, founder of Everyday Innovations, LLC, says the idea for his ZooPoo product — a plush animal that contains a shampoo bottle — came from a joke his friend played on his bathing child. A threat to put “poo,” as in shampoo, on the toddler’s head lodged itself in Tice’s brain.

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The benefits of zoo poo are numerous. This entirely organic compost helps the soil retain water and nutrients while improving soil texture. helps to break up heavy ground and adds tremendous biodiversity to the soil. Exotic manure can be worked into the soil, used as an attractive or made into a to feed plants just like any of the more traditional type manures.

Knowing that a child’s favorite toy is typically a stuffed animal that cannot be brought into the bathtub, the home-based business owner set about creating ZooPoo. All it takes is a squeeze of the belly and the shampoo comes out the other end of a plush lion, kangaroo or monkey.