The 8-Bit Zorba Dance Competition - Pippin Barr.

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Zorba The Greek: Zorba's Dance

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Zorba's Dance [Radio Edit]

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Their Zorba dance has gone around the world, and even been screened in a public square in Greece.

Zorba's Dance

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Zorba's Dance [Start Me Up Mix]

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Zorbas dance by Odesos on DeviantArt

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Zorbas Dance Restaurant has on street parking outside, a large car park close by and is close to the bus and train station. For further details examine the .

Zorba the Greek - Zorbas Dance (Anthony Quinn) - YouTube

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    The Being Greek Festival in Sydney is asking all to help break the Guinness World Record for the longest Zorba dance on Sunday at Carss Park. In creating the world's largest Zorba, the event aims to build on Zorba's legacy to promote one of the classical, enduring values of Hellenism that has stood the test of time - Greek dance. And it is no coincidence that the event is being staged on 28 October, a Greek national day better known as OXI Day.
    Anyone interested in supporting the event can email the organisers at or join their Facebook Fan Page at Head Event Producer Billy Billiris may be contacted on (02) 9591 9084 or
    Being Greek Festival is on Sunday 28 October, from 12:00 pm till 8:00 pm at Carss Bush Park, Kogarah.

    This week, I want you to try to do your best Wild Man, Zorba dance. You can even do it in a place where no one will see you. Put on a favorite song and just dance your heart out for that one song. Your mind will tell you to stop, that you’re crazy. But don’t listen. That’s just the wussy Basil-side of you telling you to be sane. To keep the Wild Man in his cage.